Your site on Google Cloud Storage

Finding How to Host a Static Website on Google Cloud Platform you get immediatly exciting: yeah, host my site on a super fast CDN!

Ok, gotcha a super fast CDN, but how about our DNS performance and security? No problem, delegate your NS to Google Cloud DNS!

But… How about redirect the naked domain, Cloud Storage support only CNAME records and Cloud DNS doesn’t allow naked domain redirect. Google Apps can help you with Enable your “naked” domain address, remember that a Google Apps instance can manage multiple domains :)

Finally we would like to regenerate some HTML files when new content is updated from social streams or other sources. Thanks to Webhooks by Zapier we can invoke an handler on Google App Engine that update static files on our Cloud Storage bucket when Zapier trigger our Zap!, from today, is built in this way: take a look of the App Engine Go handler here that is the Zap webhook handler.