Save 400$ and run/debug local App Engine w/ IntelliJ Community

If you read the official docs from about how you can run and debug an App Engine Standard Application Locally you got…

… so I must to pay 400$/year to run/debug locally!?

No way sir!


You can debug a local Maven App Engine Standard Application with one click treating it as a remote Java application.

1. Create a run configuration for starting the local development server

open the run/debug configurations of IntelliJ
create a new Maven run/debug configuration
use the devserver_start goal

It’s mandatory use the appengine:devserver_start goal because it is non blocking, as stated

apply and close.

2. Add JVM remote debug flags to pom.xml

Thanks to Stack Overflow

you need to add


to your pom.xml inside the configuration section of the appengine-maven-plugin

as you can see the port used is the 5005, you can use any port you prefer, I leave the default one.

3. Create a remote debug configuration

open the run/debug configurations of IntelliJ
create a new remote configuration

Apply and don’t close the window ;)

4. Chain both configurations

Here come your one click savings!

In the bottom part of the remote configuration you can add a run/debug configuration that will be execute before!

Now apply and close.

5. Debug the remote configuration

As you will see this run first the Maven goal appengine:devserver_start and when the process is detached it run the remote debug configuration.

So in the IntelliJ “Run” console you have the devserver_start logs and in the “Debug” console you have awesome Java debug tools.

… profit!